Intro to BJJ White Belt Curriculum Vol 2 | Galvao

Intro to BJJ White Belt Curriculum Vol 2 | Galvao

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Learn from multiple time ADCC Champ - ADCC Hall of Fame & IBJJF World Champion Andre Galvao!

Designed for those who have no or little experience with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, this Intro Jiu-Jitsu Course teaches the most essential movements and techniques of the gentle art.

In this course, you will discover the jiu-jitsu that you most likely see televised: the ground control, the submission, and the escape. This course will give you a solid understanding of what jiu-jitsu is and the techniques that form the foundation of the art. You will learn to escape head-locks and choke-holds, with techniques that complement the standing takedowns and self-defense from the Basic Self-Defense Course. You will round out your understanding of the core ground techniques of jiu-jitsu, emphasizing techniques and leverage points that will contribute to more advanced techniques in the future.

You will also obtain a clear understanding of what the core positional hierarchy of jiu-jitsu is from the top to the bottom. On top, you will learn the basic path towards the mount and back control, as well as early escape positions from the bottom. Additionally, you will learn transitions like sweeps, basic passing, as well as fundamental controlling techniques. Armed with greater control you will learn to dominate important positions that lead to submission opportunities.

Featuring 24 individual lessons, consisting of nearly 6.5 hours of content!

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*ALL CONTENT HAS English & Portuguese Subtitles!

Andre Galvao is one of the greatest BJJ athletes of all time, with 6 IBJJF World Championship titles, 10 IBJJF Pan American Championships, and 6 ADCC World Championship titles (4x as the ADCC Super Fight Champion). He received his black belt from Luis “Careca” Dagmar, having also worked extensively with Fernando Terere. Galvao is also a former mixed martial artist, with an MMA record of 5-2-0, before he retired to lead the Atos Jiu-Jitsu Academy's Headquarters in San Diego, California.

Today, Atos is considered one of the best jiu-jitsu academies in the world, producing World Champion athletes at all levels, from juvenile and white belt all the way to black belt. Galvao's mission with Atos BJJ On Demand is to share the lessons, and experiences he has acquired competing and coaching over the years.

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Intro to BJJ White Belt Curriculum Vol 2 | Galvao
  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 1


    1- MOUNT UPA ESCAPE: The “upa”, or bridge escape, is a foundational escape strategy of jiu-jitsu. By utilizing the power of the hips, you will be able to lift and escape against a much heavier opponent even while under duress.
    2- MOUNT ELBOW ESCAPE: The mount elbow escape works well ...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 2


    1- MOUNT HIP ESCAPE: This mount escape deals with an opponent attempting a high mount control in a typical daily grappling scenario. For this position to be effective you should focus on framing against the hip to limit his mobility and to set you up for the following elbow escape gu...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 3


    1- AMERICANA LOCK FROM MOUNT: The Americana lock is a strong submission that can be executed from any controlling top position. Here, the lock is performed from the mount. Be sure to keep your elbow on the mat right next to his ear to keep him from pushing your triceps to escape.
    2- ...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 4


    MOUNT HEADLOCK ESCAPE: An inexperienced opponent will often reach for a headlock, thinking it will secure you. Even after you take him to the ground, he will keep his grip on your neck as a Hail Mary to try to control you. The good news is, not only do you have an easy route to e...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 5


    1- MOUNT CROSS CHOKE: The mount cross choke works exactly the same way as the closed guard cross choke. Make a strong, deep grip on your partner’s collar and then sneak your other hand under your arm to make a grip on his other collar. Finish with your head touching the mat to keep y...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 6

    The mount is an exceptional position for control in jiu-jitsu. You can set up many submissions here, as well as maintain a dominant position over your opponent. You can’t do any of that, though, unless you know how to keep the mount! At Atos Jiu-jitsu Online Academy you will know how to use these...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 7


    1- PASSING THE CLOSED GUARD KNEELING: This is one of the first passes that beginners are exposed to. This pass is a fast, strong pass that new students can use in self-defense scenarios and also has the building blocks of posture, passing, and defense. Have the student focus on stro...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu day 8


    1- ANKLE SWEEP: The ankle sweep in jiu-jitsu is a great basic sweep that will work over and over again for you. When your opponent stands up to open your closed guard, he often steps close to your hips to keep his balance, and when he does, you just have to grab his ankles and pinch...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 9


    1- SCISSOR SWEEP: The scissor sweep is a basic sweep that works even at the black belt level. The key is trapping one arm so your opponent cannot post it for balance, and then loading him up onto your knee to make his leg feel weightless and easy to sweep.
    2- HOOK SWEEP: The hook swe...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 10


    1- HIP THRUSTING SWEEP (PORTUGUESA OR BARRIGADA): The hip thrusting sweep, or hip-bump sweep, is a high-percentage move that also sets up submissions like the kimura shoulder lock and the guillotine. You must use your partner’s momentum against him for this to work. Do not try to swe...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 11


    1- ARM-LOCK STEPPING OVER THE HEAD: Today we revisit the straight armlock, but this time from closed guard instead of mount. This is a great example that many of the submissions you do from mount can also be executed from THE closed guard. This time, your partner will have one arm e...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 12


    1- ARMBAR FROM CLOSED GUARD: The armbar from closed guard is a great submission to attack when your opponent lifts one of his legs in base. Reach under his leg to bring yourself close to him, and then swing your hips out and throw them up to finish the armbar. Your top leg remains h...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 13


    1- STRAIGHT ANKLE LOCK: The straight ankle lock is a great submission for finishing a downed opponent. For this example, we will begin in a downed position. Be sure to keep his toes under your armpit so he can’t make his foot into a “boot” and push it through to escape. Your foot on ...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 14


    1- UPA ESCAPE – SIDE MOUNT ATTACKING MOUNT: When your opponent has you trapped in side control, he will often switch his hips toward your legs transitioning to attack the mount. When he switches his hips, make an underhook on his flank and prepare to upa him off you as he steps over ...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 15


    1- KIMURA FROM SIDE CONTROL: The kimura from side control is a dominant submission. Once you sink the grips into the figure-four lock, it is very hard for your opponent to escape it. The kimura grip is also an excellent control that you can keep as you transition to other positions.

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 16


    1- STRAIGHT ARMLOCK: The straight armlock from side control can catch your opponent off guard. When he extends his arm close to your left side, take advantage of his mistake and swing your leg over his head for a quick armlock that he won’t see coming!

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 17


    1- STRAIGHT ELBOW LOCK FROM SIDE CONTROL: The straight elbow lock from side control is a great combination submission that works well with the key lock and kimura. Keep a grip on your opponent’s wrist and you can transition between the submissions seamlessly.

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 18


    1- PAPER CUT CHOKE: The paper cut choke is a tight submission you can find when your partner tries to hug around your back from north-south. The way your elbow cinches down under his chin acts as a paper cutter, slicing down like a blade. By the time your partner realizes there is a ...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 19


    1- SIDE HEADLOCK ESCAPE ARM FRAME: The side headlock, or kesa gatame, is a move often seen in judo. It is a strong control from the top, but it also opens up your opponent to armbars and back takes. This example uses a frame on your partner’s neck to make space and push him away from...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 20

    Professor Galvao’s mission is to share the lessons, techniques, and experience he has acquired over his 20+ years of experience as a BJJ practitioner, professor, and world-class competitor.

    This is a very common situation in jiu jitsu and self defense. Let’s learn on how to defend a tight headlo...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 21


    1- BACK MOUNT ESCAPE: When an opponent has strong back control, it can be daunting to escape. It is best to take control of the situation before he makes his grips or you will be in for some trouble defending a choke. In this example, you will work to move your head away from his ch...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 22


    1- REAR NAKED CHOKE (MATA LEAO): The rear-naked choke is probably one of the most famous jiu-jitsu submissions because it is often executed in MMA. For this example, you will start in the back mount on your opponent. Make sure you are under his chin when you slide your arm around his...

  • Intro Jiu Jitsu Day 23


    1- COLLAR CHOKE FROM BACK: The collar choke from the back is a very strong submission. Once you have your grips, it’s very hard for your opponent to escape. Remember your top hand is the choking hand so always try to bring your opponent to that side to keep the choke tight. This exam...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 24


    1- BOW-AND-ARROW CHOKE FROM BACK: The bow and arrow choke is named for its appearance once you’ve sunk in the choke. You grip the collar and the leg and extend your partner so that it looks like you’re pulling back the string on a bow. Once you have your hand in the collar and you c...