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Learn the key fundamentals of classic and modern jiu-jitsu that all beginners NEED to know.

From basic self-defense techniques, to applying effective submission holds, to attacks and transitions that will allow you to start dominating your opponents.

Our expert instructors will make sure you master ALL the basics and equip you with the foundational knowledge to quickly progress to the next belt level.

Experience our immersive classes from any location you choose, anytime you like.

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Access our ever-growing library of Gi & No-Gi masterclasses.

10,000+ hours of informative lessons, sparring sessions between World Champion professors, carefully-crafted drills to fine-tune your BJJ performance, and so much more…

Organized into easy-to-find categories for all skill levels (beginner to black belt).

Fresh, innovative classes added DAILY.

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Give your child the best possible start on their BJJ journey with our comprehensive kids video library of techniques and drills.

Taught in a fun and engaging way by World-Class instructors, we offer both basic and foundational lessons, as well as an introduction to advanced techniques for the more competitive youngster.

Designed to improve coordination, movement and agility, this game-changing program will not only supply your son or daughter with the tools they need to succeed on the mats, but also teach them core values like discipline and respect that will help in their development to becoming exemplary human beings.


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⚡️Informative live seminars and Q&As
⚡️Powerful star-studded podcasts
⚡️Sparring sessions between our best-in-the-world instructors
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Brought to you by legendary, multiple World-Champion Andre Galvao and his team of highly-decorated instructors.

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Designed by the industry’s top experts, our individual courses are perfect for students at any level who feel inadequate in one particular part of their jiu-jitsu game.

Whether you’re eager to improve in areas like takedowns, attacks or escapes, or looking for clever new details that could be the difference in winning a major tournament, these inspirational lessons will help you achieve the results you desire FAST.

Start a course now for in-depth breakdowns of today’s most effective techniques and concepts.

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  • Mastering Judo for Jiu-Jitsu Domination

    31 videos

    ***This video is available for immediate viewing after purchase - both online and offline.

    In his new instructional masterclass, “Mastering Judo for Jiu-Jitsu Domination”, 15X Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and Judo Black Belt, Andre Galvao, takes us through his “Judo for Jiu-Jitsu Dominat...

  • 3 On 1 Guard Dominance by Andre Galvao

    34 videos

    ***This video is available for immediate viewing after purchase - both online and offline.


    In this masterclass instructional series, Andre Galvao reveals his new guard system - the 3 On 1 Guard 🛡️

    In recent y...

  • The Next Step After Closed Guard - Lucas Barbosa

    9 videos

    ***This video is available for immediate viewing after purchase - both online and offline.

    Since receiving his Black Belt in 2015, Lucas “The Hulk” Barbosa has consistently dominated the Jiu-Jitsu scene – both in the Gi and No Gi.

    His record speaks for itself:

    -IBJJF WORLD CHAMPION (Gi) in 20...

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