Weekly Series

Weekly Series

We've compiled a handy, constantly updated compendium of every series that's been added in the past week at Atos HQ academy in San Diego to Atos BJJ On Demand.

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Weekly Series
  • Dealing With Double Sleeve Guard

    13 items

    Discover our latest Double Sleeve Guard collection, comprising 13 comprehensive video classes to enhance your skills with this technique. Recorded between June 3rd and 7th, 2024, these sessions offer valuable insights and strategies.

  • Closed Guard Arsenal

    11 items

    The Closed Guard Arsenal is a collection where you can learn how to use the closed guard position efficiently. The Atos HQ instructors teach you different ways to sweep your opponent, as well as how to apply amazing submissions. This collection helps you improve your skills from the closed guard,...

  • Spider Guard Compilation

    12 items

    Welcome to our comprehensive Spider Guard Compilation, meticulously curated with 12 detailed video classes. Dive into the intricate world of sweeps and submissions as you master the art of controlling your opponent from the spider guard position.
    Each video meticulously breaks down techniques, pr...

  • Exploring Leg Entanglements

    11 items

    This weekly series shows 11 cool moves with leg entanglement. The Atos instructors showed how to use it in different situations. Watch Closely! The classes were from April 15th to 19th, 2024.

  • Strategies for Back Take Defense

    11 items

  • Back Take Domination

    16 items

    Following the previous weekly series, Atos HQ instructors continued teaching about the back take position, emphasizing submissions, particularly the clock choke. This move works wonders when the opponent is in the turtle position. Pay close attention to the details of these techniques and be prep...

  • The Ultimate Back Take Collection

    17 items

    The Ultimate Back Take Collection includes 17 techniques for taking your opponent's back, particularly when they're in the turtle position. This series will improve your understanding of attacking the back using the techniques taught by the instructors at Atos HQ between Mar 25th and 29th, 2024. ...

  • K Guard System

    8 items

    In this weekly series, you'll find a lot of details aimed at enhancing your K Guard experience. Be sure to carefully absorb each detail, and don't hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below the videos. These classes were conducted from March 11th to March 15th, 2024. Enjoy the journey!

  • Knee Shield & K Guard Attacks Series

    20 items

    The Knee Shield & K Guard Attacks Series offers a fantastic possibility to attack your opponent or partner when playing guard in different ways using the Knee Shield. It includes 20 video classes packed with detailed instructions for sweeps and submissions. These classes were taught from March 4t...

  • The Choi Bar Series

    15 items

    The Choi Bar Series Offers a fantastic chance to attack your opponent or partner when playing guard. It includes 15 video classes packed with detailed instructions for submissions. These classes were taught from February 26th to March 1st. Have fun learning and applying the techniques!

  • Untangling the Lasso - Chapter III

    14 items

    For the past three weeks at Atos HQ, we've been working various passes from the lasso guard. This latest installment of "Untangling the Lasso" comprises 14 techniques, each meticulously detailed.

    Follow the link below to explore the techniques from chapters I & II of the series.

  • Untangling the Lasso - Chapter II

    12 items

    Discover an enhanced collection featuring 12 additional techniques designed to refine your lasso guard pass. Dive deeper into mastering the art by exploring our previous collection on Untangling the Lasso. These enriching classes were conducted between February 12th - 16th, 2024. Enjoy the journe...

  • Untangling the Lasso

    13 items

    Take a look at this incredible collection we've created to help you pass the spider lasso guard. With 13 video classes, you will find amazing techniques to practice and nail against your opponents or training partners. These classes were taught between February 5th - 9th, 2024. Enjoy!

    Follow the...

  • Spider Guard & Submissions Series

    23 items

    Welcome to the Spider Guard & Submissions Collection! Dive into 23 awesome video classes with great moves from the spider guard. From sweeps to submission, this collection has got it all. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced, these classes, taught between Jan 29th to Feb 2nd, 2024, will leve...

  • Modified X & Long Step Series

    20 items

    Explore the art of strategic movement with our 'Modified X & Long Step Series" collection, showcasing the finesse of long step passing techniques paired with the innovation of Modify X. Immerse yourself in dynamic sessions that dissect and refine this fusion, enhancing your skills and understandi...

  • Essencial Pass Techniques

    9 items

    Having trouble escaping your opponent's lasso guard? Learn effective passing techniques from Atos Jiu-Jitsu instructors. Check out the amazing moves demonstrated in classes held from January 15th to 19th, 2024. Enjoy improving your skills!

  • Side Control Secrets

    19 items

    Explore a comprehensive collection featuring expert techniques from side control to defeat your opponent. Learn the details from Atos instructors, and become skilled at using pressure and precision for a better position as mount and submissions from the side control.
    These classes were taken from...

  • The Precission of Back Attacks

    11 items

    Taking the back is a strong and strategic position, putting you in a domination position for submission or control. This collection was created to offer a variety of submission options and enhance your proficiency in back control techniques. Enjoy!

  • Deep Lasso Chair Guard

    19 items

    The amazing Deep Lasso Chair Guard series! It features 19 video classes perfect for guard players, teaching sweeps, back takes, and submissions. These classes were held from December 11th to 15th, 2023. Feel free to ask questions in the comment below each technique. Enjoy the learning experience!

  • Strategies for One Leg X Control

    10 items

    Explore a comprehensive Single Leg X Control series featuring set-ups, guard pull, entries to single leg X, guard control, and effective attacks. These classes were conducted from December 4th to 8th, 2023. Dive in and enhance your skills!

  • Lasso & Spider Guard Offensive Techniques

    14 items

    Discover effective ways to attack from the guard with lasso and spider guard offensive techniques. These guards provide a strong foundation for various attacks like triangles, armbars, and omoplatas. Explore different methods to control and sweep your opponent by watching this sequence of techniq...

  • Strategic Lapel Power

    11 items

    In these classes from November 13th to 17th, 2023. We focused on getting better at using the gi's lapel to attack. When in X guard or sit-up guard, we practiced controlling our opponent with the lapel, using specific grips and moves. This can help you set up attacks and sweeps. The classes show y...

  • Leg Trap Stack Edition

    16 items

    This Leg Trap Stack Pass series can be discriminatory against an opponent's guard by isolating and immobilizing their legs, limiting their defensive options, and creating vulnerabilities for the passer to exploit. These techniques aim to exploit weaknesses in an opponent's guard, often leaving th...

  • Double Collar Pull Series

    10 items

    This Double Collar Pull collection was taught from October 30th to November 3rd, 2023. In these video classes, you'll discover fantastic techniques from the double collar pull, including the sit-up guard, x-guard sweep, k guards, and counter. Feel free to ask anything in the comment section. Enjo...