• 2023 BJJ Fanatics Camp

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    Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ hosted the BJJ Fanatics Jiu-Jitsu Training Camp Experience for the first time (October 2023).

    Andre Galvao, Andy Murasaki, and Lucas Barbosa, alongside Michael Zenga were the main hosts of the event.

    We started on Thursday night with some introductions and 10 rounds of 5-minut...

  • Lachlan Giles Seminar

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    The 3-hour seminar will focus on entering the legs from open guard, controlling your opponent from the 50/50 position, finishing the heel hook, and troubleshooting the problems your opponent will provide as you work towards the heel hook.

  • Mental Coach: Workshop For Athletes | Mayra Ramos - Atleta Campeão

    Watch now “Mental Coach: Workshop for Athletes”, a workshop by Mayra Ramos, Founder of “Atleta Campeão”. Read more about the workshop below.

    Let's face it. There's nothing more frustrating than losing a competition to yourself before it starts...
    “Mayra! Get up… go, one more.” Shouted my coach f...

  • Fabio Gurgel Seminar

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    Rivals in tournaments, friends in life. CEO and Founder of Alliance Jiu-Jitsu, Fabio Gurgel taught a seminar at Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ.

  • Gustavo Batista Seminar

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    Campeão Mundial, Pan Americano e Europeu pela IBJJF, neste seminário Gustavo Batista ensina os segredos da passagem de guarda com pressão.

  • Leandro Lo Seminar

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    8x World Champion Leandro Lo taught a seminar at Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ on June 20th. He shared his favorite ways of passing guards, including Knee Cut and Split Pass. Check it out!

  • Introduction to Weapon Based Fight

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    We start with a summarized explanation of criminal assaults. The summary includes 4 phases common to every criminal assault and a few trends within each phase. We use an understanding of criminal assault to develop our reactionary response, known as “the game-plan.” The game-plan serves as a logi...

  • Santo André, SP

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  • Alliance - SP

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    No último mês André Galvão visitou a Academia Alliance - SP de Fábio Gurgel e Michael Langhi para um seminário mais do que especial.

    Confira as técnicas ensinadas durante o seminário.

  • Panama City

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    Galvao Teaches how to Tap Out everyone the Right way in the gym & in tournaments with this Super Simple & Powerful Submission to get in BJJ.

    Andre Galvao is a 6x IBJJF Black Belt World Champion.

    GALVAO shows you his secrets to get & finish the Omoplata on everyone.

    Galvao won many world titles...

  • Belive & Achieve

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    Professor Andre Galvao and Angelica Galvao taught Back Takes, Kimura traps, Ankle lock, and more submissions. Also, watch the seminar’s Sparring Session with participants.

  • Costa Rica

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    Galvao shows the different secrets on how to deal with and pass the lapel guard, "Worm Guard" and Squid Guard.

    Also Q&A sections pro Tips about Jiu-Jitsu for competition & techniques.

  • Phoenix, AZ

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  • New York, NY

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    Seminar taught at Essential BJJ Academy by JT Torres. In this seminar,
    Professor Galvao teaches you crucial details and concepts to attack your
    opponent’s back.

  • Austin, TX

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    Seminar Taught by Andre Galvao at Atos Jiu-jitsu affiliate in Austin Texas. The multiple-time world champion Andre Galvao teaches different ways to approach the guard from Top Position and how to surprise your opponent. Learn the essential details about the mindset while you're applying the techn...