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Watch this video and more on Atos BJJ OnDemand

Up Next in Intro to BJJ White Belt Curriculum Vol 2 | Galvao

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 19


    1- SIDE HEADLOCK ESCAPE ARM FRAME: The side headlock, or kesa gatame, is a move often seen in judo. It is a strong control from the top, but it also opens up your opponent to armbars and back takes. This example uses a frame on your partner’s neck to make space and push him away from...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 20

    Professor Galvao’s mission is to share the lessons, techniques, and experience he has acquired over his 20+ years of experience as a BJJ practitioner, professor, and world-class competitor.

    This is a very common situation in jiu jitsu and self defense. Let’s learn on how to defend a tight headlo...

  • Intro Jiu-Jitsu Day 21


    1- BACK MOUNT ESCAPE: When an opponent has strong back control, it can be daunting to escape. It is best to take control of the situation before he makes his grips or you will be in for some trouble defending a choke. In this example, you will work to move your head away from his ch...

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