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Self-Defense DAY 9

White Belt - The Path to Stripe #1 • 17m

Up Next in White Belt - The Path to Stripe #1

  • Self Defense DAY 10


    1- GUILLOTINE CHOKE: The guillotine choke is a common submission in grappling and Mixed Martial Arts, especially when your opponent shoots for a double leg takedown with bent-over posture. When this happens quickly lock the head and curl it to downward while putting forward pressure ...

  • Self-Defense DAY 11


    1- FRONT BEAR HUG ESCAPE (OVER ARMS): The front bear hug escape incorporates the use of separation by pushing on the hips to stay at a safe distance and the power of the under-hook for the O-Goshi style hip toss to take your opponent down. Always create this separating base to preven...

  • Self-Defense DAY 12


    1- PUNCH DEFENSE: This safety stance is a great way to defend against outside looping “haymaker” style punches by maintaining the center space – a key concept in jiu-jitsu. Once that inside space control has been established it is easy to follow-up with a throw like the below O-Goshi...