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Self-Defense DAY 12

White Belt - The Path to Stripe #1 • 9m 52s

Up Next in White Belt - The Path to Stripe #1

  • Self-Defense DAY 13


    1- FRONT KICK DEFENSE: For the front push kick defense your goal is to catch the kick and then quickly lift it vertically while driving your opponent backward for the counter throw. Focus on his chambered knee and prepare with ade-quate spacing to avoid the brunt of the force. If you...

  • Self-Defense DAY 14


    1- ROUNDHOUSE KICK DEFENSE: In the roundhouse kick defense your objective is to catch the knee preferably early and to open your adversary’s knee to the outside to force him to fall. Once he is on the floor he is in a prime location for you to step over his thigh to trap him and fini...

  • Self-Defense DAY 15


    1- REAR CHOKE DEFENSE: The standing rear-naked choke defense uses a Seoi-Nage style shoulder throw to bring your opponent to the mats. To do so, you must lower your hips below your opponents and then drive him forward and over your shoulders with an explosive pulling force while you...