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Self-Defense DAY 14

White Belt - The Path to Stripe #1 • 14m

Up Next in White Belt - The Path to Stripe #1

  • Self-Defense DAY 15


    1- REAR CHOKE DEFENSE: The standing rear-naked choke defense uses a Seoi-Nage style shoulder throw to bring your opponent to the mats. To do so, you must lower your hips below your opponents and then drive him forward and over your shoulders with an explosive pulling force while you...

  • Self-Defense Day 16


    1- REAR TWO-HANDED CHOKE DEFENSE: Although the rear two-handed choke is an inefficient choking technique, it does rear itself with untrained grapplers and assailants. This move can be easily countered with the previously used pinching hand control to not only peel off the attack but ...

  • Self-Defense day 17


    1- BEAR HUG DEFENSE (UNDER ARMS): Key to a rear bear hug defense when the opponent is under your arms is your ability to avoid lifting throws. By dropping to all fours, your opponent will be dealing with a much heavier opponent and this gives you time to reach through and grab his le...