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Self Defense DAY 10

White Belt - The Path to Stripe #1 • 7m 57s

Up Next in White Belt - The Path to Stripe #1

  • Self-Defense DAY 11


    1- FRONT BEAR HUG ESCAPE (OVER ARMS): The front bear hug escape incorporates the use of separation by pushing on the hips to stay at a safe distance and the power of the under-hook for the O-Goshi style hip toss to take your opponent down. Always create this separating base to preven...

  • Self-Defense DAY 12


    1- PUNCH DEFENSE: This safety stance is a great way to defend against outside looping “haymaker” style punches by maintaining the center space – a key concept in jiu-jitsu. Once that inside space control has been established it is easy to follow-up with a throw like the below O-Goshi...

  • Self-Defense DAY 13


    1- FRONT KICK DEFENSE: For the front push kick defense your goal is to catch the kick and then quickly lift it vertically while driving your opponent backward for the counter throw. Focus on his chambered knee and prepare with ade-quate spacing to avoid the brunt of the force. If you...