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Self-Defense DAY 5

White Belt - The Path to Stripe #1 • 22m

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  • Self-Defense DAY 6


    1- HEADLOCK DEFENSE: The headlock defense is an important self-defense technique because many inexperienced attackers will grab your head, thinking they can hold you there, and even punch you. In this technique, reach around your partner to trap is arm and keep him from throwing pun...

  • Self-Defense Day 7


    1- HEADLOCK DEFENSE WHEN OPPONENT IS BENT OVER: This Ura-Nage style back arch takedown works great as a defense against the bent over headlock. To be successful, focus on your base being strong around your opponent’s nearside leg and then combining a pulling action with your backhand...

  • Self-Defense Day 8

    1- HEADLOCK DEFENSE AGAINST THE WALL: This is a great technique when your opponent is driving you into the wall with his headlock control. When this happens, you should place one arm in front of his shoulder to trap it while you circle away from the headlock to put in a hook. This giv...