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Watch this video and more on Atos BJJ OnDemand

Up Next in White Belt - The Path to Stripe #1

  • Basic Jiu-Jitsu Warm-Ups


    It is important to warm up your body before doing any of the physical training in jiu-jitsu. Use the following warm-ups to prepare your body for the techniques you’ll be practicing with repetition. These warm-ups are also fundamental movements for jiu-jitsu as a whole, so practice them...

  • Self Defense Day 1


    1- HIP THROW “O-GOSH”: The O-Goshi hip throw is the first takedown you’ll learn in this program. In this technique, the fulcrum is your hips shooting across their hipline, creating a perfect obstacle to hurdle your opponent over. Focus on a deep entry of the hip combined with a stron...

  • Self-Defense DAY 2


    1- DEFENDING THE SAME-SIDE WRIST GRIP: The same-side wrist grip defense is important for both gi, no-gi, and self-defense training and is key to later grip fighting and more competitive training scenarios. When you’re escaping a grip like this, your partner’s thumb to forefinger “ho...