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Watch this video and more on Atos BJJ OnDemand

DAY 1: Mindset Challenge - Importance of Mindset - Exercise 1 | #4

5-Day Mindset Challenge • 2m 41s

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  • DAY 1: Mindset Challenge - Importance...

    Part 2: Prof Galvao teaches you a technique to guide you through your training sessions.

    Exercise: Breathing Techniques for Centering
    * Guided breathing exercise to help participants relax and center themselves before training sessions.
    * Emphasize the importance of controlled breathing for foc...

  • DAY 2: Mindset Challenge - Before You...

    Welcome to Day 2 of Professor Andre Galvao's Mindset Challenge!

    Day 2 is all about Visualization and Goal Setting. In this short video, Prof Galvao reviews Day 1 and previews today's Challenge.

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  • DAY 2: Mindset Challenge - The Power ...

    Video Lesson: The Power of Visualization
    * Explanation of how visualization can enhance performance in BJJ.
    * Techniques for effective visualization, including imagery and mental rehearsal.
    * Encouragement to set clear and achievable goals for training and competition.

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