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Day #4: Surviving Grips Against High-Level Judoka - Belt Grip | Part 1

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Day #3: Single Leg Finish Using Back Hand Grip On Pants | Part 2

5-Day Jiu-Jitsu Challenge | 2nd Edition - Takedowns • 5m 11s

Up Next in 5-Day Jiu-Jitsu Challenge | 2nd Edition - Takedowns

  • Day #4: Surviving Grips Against High-...

    It's the second last day of the Bootcamp! We hope you've been hitting some of these takedowns in sparring this week. If not, don't worry: just re-visit the videos from the beginning of the week, drill the technique with your favorite training partner, and you'll be sending your opponents flying t...

  • Day #4: Surviving Grips - What They D...

    Welcome back to Day 4 of the JANUARY BOOTCAMP.

    Watch this video to learn more about the secret grips that Professor Andre uses to upset and frustrate skilled Judokas.

    What this video covers:
    -What Judokas DON’T know about the stand-up game, and how to capitalize on their lack of awareness.

  • Day #5: Collar Drag | Part 1

    It's the last day of the JANUARY BOOTCAMP. We're just as sad as you are, but we hope that you've learned a lot during the past week!

    Today's lessons are based around arm drags and collar drags. This video covers Andre's "squeeze and pop" grip-breaking technique, his "1-2-3" Collar Drag method, ...