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Day #4: Surviving Grips - What They Don’t Do In Judo With The Lapel | Pa...

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Day #4: Surviving Grips Against High-Level Judoka - Belt Grip | Part 1

5-Day Jiu-Jitsu Challenge | 2nd Edition - Takedowns • 8m 6s

Up Next in 5-Day Jiu-Jitsu Challenge | 2nd Edition - Takedowns

  • Day #4: Surviving Grips - What They D...

    Welcome back to Day 4 of the JANUARY BOOTCAMP.

    Watch this video to learn more about the secret grips that Professor Andre uses to upset and frustrate skilled Judokas.

    What this video covers:
    -What Judokas DON’T know about the stand-up game, and how to capitalize on their lack of awareness.

  • Day #5: Collar Drag | Part 1

    It's the last day of the JANUARY BOOTCAMP. We're just as sad as you are, but we hope that you've learned a lot during the past week!

    Today's lessons are based around arm drags and collar drags. This video covers Andre's "squeeze and pop" grip-breaking technique, his "1-2-3" Collar Drag method, ...

  • Day #5: Arm Drag | Part 2

    In this video, the last of the January Bootcamp, Professor Galvao demonstrates his Arm Drag technique that ties in very closely with the Collar Drag from the previous lesson.

    Talk about battle-tested! This arm drag is the same technique that Professor Galvao used against Felipe Pena at Worlds in...