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Watch this video and more on Atos BJJ OnDemand

Up Next in No-Gi Takedown Fundamentals | Andre Galvao

  • Hip throw-o-goshi to side mount

    Hip Throw O-Gosh to side mount: The O-Goshi hip throw is the first takedown you’ll learn in this program. In this technique, the fulcrum is your hips shooting across their hipline, creating a perfect obstacle to hurdle your opponent over. Focus on a deep entry of the hip combined with a strong ac...

  • Headlock takedown-koshi guruma

    1- Headlock Takedown Koshi-Guruma: The Koshi-Guruma Headlock takedown is an excellent fundamental forward throwing takedown with a similar throwing mechanism as the previous O-Goshi. It is known for you to control the head to pull the opponent into a bent-over position, making your opponent susce...

  • Osoto gari takedown

    The Osoto Gari takedown: The Osoto Gari takedown or Outside Major Leg Sweep is your first fundamental foot sweep, though your focal point is off balancing your opponent and hip hip forward driving contact as you enter the takedown. Keep your partner’s arm once he falls to help break his fall and ...

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