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Taking the Back and Finishing With a Choke

5 min • 2m 14s

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    Atos HQ black belt Josh Hinger teaches Basic Turtle Guard Sweep, during the Basic Jiu Jitsu class on 11/18/2017.

    Josh Hinger received his black belt from Andre Galvao in December 2013. He is a 3x IBJJF Black Belt World No-Gi Champion; a 2x IBJJF Black Belt American Nationals Champion (double-go...

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    Hip Throw O-Gosh to side mount: The O-Goshi hip throw is the first takedown you’ll learn in this program. In this technique, the fulcrum is your hips shooting across their hipline, creating a perfect obstacle to hurdle your opponent over. Focus on a deep entry of the hip combined with a strong ac...