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Watch this video and more on Atos BJJ OnDemand

Uchi Mata and Harai Goshi Takedowns | No-Gi

20 min • 23m

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  • Body Lock Attacks: Rear-Naked Choke, ...

    6X IBJJF World Champion Atos HQ Head Black Belt Andre Galvao teaches how to attack from the body lock position, during the no-gi class on 05/05/2022 πŸ‘‡πŸ½

    🟒 From 00:00 to 00:28: Introduction
    🟒 From 00:28 to 13:12: Part 1 - how to attack a rear-naked choke from the back, using the body lock position...

  • Passing Lasso Guard Variations

    Atos HQ black belt Dominique Bell teaches Lasso Guard Pass Variations, during the fundamentals class on 05/05/2022.

    Dom Bell received his black belt from Andre Galvao in October 2018. He is an IBJJF Black Belt Pans medalist and a IBJJF World and World No-Gi Champion (at Purple & Brown).


  • Long Step Pass From Spider Guard

    🟒 From 00:00 to 00:35: Introduction
    🟒 From 00:36 to 12:05: Part 1 - starting with the double spider, how to anticipate your movement and avoid your opponent to switch one of the legs from spider to lasso guard; long step pass and two variations to finish the position - side control or back take;