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Watch this video and more on Atos BJJ OnDemand

The AG Back Take

15 min • 11m

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  • Back Defense Ankle Lock

    Atos HQ black belt Dominique Bell teaches Back Defense Ankle Lock, during the fundamental class on 05/01/2018.

    Dom Bell received his black belt from Andre Galvao in October 2018. He is an IBJJF Black Belt Pans medalist and a IBJJF World and World No-Gi Champion (at Purple & Brown).


  • Windshield Wiper Shin Cut & Leg Drag ...

    World Champion - Atos HQ black belt Rolando Samson teaches a Windshield Wiper Concept during the 615pm fundamentals class on 11/15/2020.

    Rolando Samson is one of the fastest fighters, and that's what he does to pass opponent's guard throughout the years.

    Rolando Samson received his black bel...

  • Action/Reaction: The Horse Kick Berim...

    Black Belt world Champ, Atos HQ black belt Lucas Barbosa teaches the Berimbolo to Mount, during the 7:30am class on 10/25/2018.

    The Berimbolo is an advanced move in BJJ, it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn it if you’re a white belt. Even if you have difficulties in doing the move, you will sti...