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The Atos HQ Vlog features everything from interviews with elite athletes and HQ visitors, to highlights and sneak peeks into some of the off-air action at Atos HQ.

  • Sarah Galvao Double Gold 2022 Brazilian National

    Watch Sarah competing at Brazilian Nationals and her thoughts on her performance and road to IBJJF Double Gold Grand Slam.

  • 🇧🇷 Bastidores BJJ Stars 8 Com Lucas Hulk e Andre Galvao

    Audio: 🇧🇷 Portuguese
    🇺🇸 English Subtitles Coming Soon!


    Rivais na competição, mas não no tatame! Assista como foi a super aula de Andre Galvao na Alliance Sao Paulo. Academia do professor Fabio Gurgel junto com Michael Langhi.

    Em breve as técnicas deste seminário estará disponível a todos os membros Atos On Demand!

  • 🇧🇷 VLOG: Andre Galvao's Seminar Sao Paulo - Brazil

    🇺🇸 Watch complete Andre Galvao's seminar videos here:

    Audio: Portuguese 🇧🇷
    Subtitle: English 🇺🇸

    🇧🇷 Assista seminarios completos de Andre Galvao aqui:

  • Meet The Absolute Brown Belt Pan Champion

    Nicholas Maglicic of Atos won the brown belt absolute division with four submissions in a row. He was born in Australia and trains at Atos HQ during training camps.

    Follow him on instagram: @nicomaglicic

  • VLOG: 2022 Pan Training Camp

    In this Vlog we show you how the top level competitors from Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ are getting ready for 2022 Pan that will take place in Orlando - Florida on April 7-10th.

    Interviews: Some of Atos HQ Elite Champions share how they feel during the preparation for Pan.

    Instagram: @atosbjjondemand

  • 2022 Pan Training Camp HL

    Sneak peak on how Atos HQ Competitors are getting ready for 2022 Pan Championship that will take place on April 6-10th in Orlando, FL.

  • Atos BEYONDemand: Vlog Series - Ep 3: A Day In The Life Of Andre Galvao

    Atos BEYONDemand: Vlog Series - Ep 3: A Day In The Life Of Andre Galvao.

    Two weeks prior to the One Superfight, Andre Galvao shows how is his routine every day since he wakes up to the last class at Atos Jiu-Jitsu Hq at night.

    Andre Galvao is one of the greatest BJJ athletes of all time, with 6...

  • Atos BEYONDemand: Vlog Series - Ep 2: A Day In The Life Of Ronaldo Jr

    Atos BEYONDemand: Vlog Series - Ep 2: A day in the life of the champion Ronaldo Junior.

    Ultra exclusive Atos BJJ On Demand production of a day in the life of jiu-jitsu champ Ronaldo Junior. World champion - Ronaldo Jr. is full time jiu-jitsu practitioner. Recently he fell in love with the surf...

  • Atos BEYONDemand: Vlog Series - Ep 1: A day in the life of Tye & Kade Ruotolo

    Ultra exclusive Atos BJJ On Demand production of a day in the life of jiu-jitsu phenoms Tye & Kade Ruotolo. World champions - the Ruotolo Twins are full time jiu-jitsu practitioners since the age of 3. They love surf & skate lifestyle, combined with a good reggae music.Today at the age of 18 year...

  • 18 Year Old Ruotolo Brothers Black Belt Promotion

    Watch 18 year old Tye & Kade Ruotolo being promoted to black belt under Professor Galvao at Atos HQ during 615pm fundamentals class on December 13th, 2021

    Kade Ruotolo received his brown belt from Andre Galvao in October 2020. He is a IBJJF World, Pan and European Champion in the juvenile divisi...

  • Inside Atos HQ with Angelica Galvao por Mayara Munhos

    De uma olhada no que acontece dentro da nossa academia aqui em San Diego CA!

    Conheça de perto o nosso trabalho.

  • Breakdown Session Invitation

    Up to a half hour in-depth video analysis directly from our athletes to level up your game.

    An easy-to-use app as your direct line to the pros. Upload your performance footage, receive feedback, and connect with your coach directly on your device - anywhe...

  • Tye Ruotolo Getting Ready for WNO

    Tye Ruotolo received his brown belt from Andre Galvao in October 2020. He is a IBJJF World and European Champion in the juvenile division. He also won 4th place at the ADCC World Championship and silver at the 3CG Kumite 5 Grand Prix.

    Instagram: @ruotolobrothersjiujitsu

  • Kade Ruotolo WNO Training Camp

    Watch Kade Ruotolo training during his training camp for WNO Championship -155lbs ! Watch the event live on Sep 25th-26th live on

    Kade Ruotolo received his brown belt from Andre Galvao in October 2020. He is a IBJJF World, Pan and European Champion in the juvenile division. He ...

  • Rafaela Guedes Training Preparation for WNO

    Rafaela Guedes received her black belt from Andre Galvao and Angelica Galvao in January 2019. She is one of the most promising young black belts on the Atos HQ team. She is an IBJJF Pans and No-Gi Pans double-gold medalist at black belt. She is also a IBJJF World Champion at brown belt.


  • The Phenom Kaynan Duarte's Competition & Training Mindset

    Kaynan Duarte is a BJJ Phenom who's hungry to become the best of the best gi & no-gi. Some of the high level competitors from Atos HQ reveals some of his secrets.

    Watch this VLOG to understand a little more about Kaynan's competition & training mindset.

    Duarte will be competing at WNO on Sep 2...

  • Team Atos Getting Ready For WNO GP | Competition Team Class

    Watch Kaynan Duarte, Rafaela Guedes, Kade & Tye Ruotolo talking about their preparation during comp class training session at Atos HQ.

    Lead by professor Andre Galvao, the team is getting ready for WNO Championship - prize cash $30K for the winner of each bracket - the event will take place next...

  • Andre Galvao Promoting His Daughter Sarah Galvao To Blue Belt

    Watch Andre Galvao promoting his daughter Sarah Galvao to Blue Belt, Sarah has a bright future. She is already competed as blue belt juvenile - since when she still as yellow belt 14 years old - and she won all of the tourneys.

    Sarah is 3x Kids Pan Champion and will be competing at Juvenile divi...

  • MMA World Champ Trains At Atos HQ

    Current champion of the PFL light heavyweight division and semifinalist of the current edition, Emiliano Sordi is training at Atos HQ for his next battle.

    Sordi's coach, Brazilian Gabriel Miglioli.

    Emiliano "He-Man" Sordi (23-8-1) is a Pro MMA Fighter out of Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, Argentina and...

  • Watch The Hulk Show: Road To Victory at BJJ BET 2.0 No Gi GP - Sao Paulo - BRA

    Watch Lucas Barbosa “Hulk”, who submitted two of his three opponents at BJJBet 2.0 NO GI Grand Prix - Sao Paulo - BRA - including Leandro Lo in the final via RNC.

    Professor Galvao & Lucas will examine one of Lucas' best performances fight by fight, the whole process during the event here at Atos...

  • Davi Ramos Black Belt 4th Degree Promotion Under Professor Galvao

    Watch ADCC World Champion Davi Ramos getting promoted to 4th degree from professor Andre Galvao at Atos HQ.

    Davi Ramos is one of the top Jiu Jitsu lightweight competitors in the world. Born in Rio de Janeiro and taught by master Cesar Guimaraes from Top Brother and he is also part of the Atos t...

  • Atos Teens Ready For 2021 Pan Kids

    Watch our teens getting ready for Pan Kids.

  • Gustavo Batista Black Belt 1st Degree Promotion

    Watch World Champion Gustavo Batista getting promoted to black belt 1st degree from Professor Andre Galvao's hands during 615pm fundamentals at Atos HQ in San Diego CA.

    Gustavo Batista moved to California to train at Atos Jiu-Jitsu Headquarters under Andre Galvao. He is an IBJJF World Champion...