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Defending the wrist grip

No-Gi Takedown Fundamentals | Andre Galvao • 7m 10s

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  • Front choke defense with hip throw

    Front Choke Defense Hip-Throw: With your knowledge of the Koshi-Guruma headlock takedown its time to apply this to a real-world self-defense situation. In this case, you focus on regaining the inside control, a fundamental jiu-jitsu concept to create separation from the choke, and set-up the foll...

  • Toreando pass to armbar

    The Knee-On-Belly To Armbar: The knee-on-belly to armbar technique combines a bullfighter pass to clear the legs, a knee on belly control over the upper body, and a step over armbar against the defending position. Key to this position is your ability to smoothly transition and establish a ‘heavin...

  • Putting it all together

    Putting It All Together: This technique combines the choke defense with the Koshi-Guruma takedown with the knee-on-belly to an armbar finish. As long as you maintain strong sleeve control during the throw, you should be able to practice or attack with the knee-on-belly armbar as a quick 1-2 combi...