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Luiza Monteiro
  • Invitational 5: Luiza Monteiro Unleashes Her No-Gi Skills | UFC Fight Pass

    Luiza Monteiro is having an incredible year so far! This year, she has competed a lot in the gi, winning the IBJJF European, CBJJ Brazilian Nationals, IBJJF Pans, ADXC, and IBJJF Crown. Now she takes off her gi and will compete in the Invitational 5 UFC Fight Pass next Sunday, December 10th. She ...

  • IBJJF The Crown: Luiza Monteiro Is The Queen 👑

    After an amazing performance at the first IBJJF The Crown, Luiza Monteiro conquers the first crown of this event's history! In the first round, she defeated Brianna Ste-Marie by points and advanced to the finals to beat Nathalie Ribeiro by points. Congratulations, Luiza! The Crown and $15k 💸


  • 👑 2023 IBJJF The Crown: Monteiro, Murasaki and Batista Represent Atos 🔥

    On Sunday, November 19th at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California, the IBJJF will host “The Crown".

    Three of our athletes will be there and Atos is very well represented by Luiza Monteiro, Gustavo Batista, and Andy Murasaki.

    Monteiro will compete in the Lightweight division. She will fa...

  • 2023 ADXC: Atos Athletes Talk About The First Historic Event In Abu Dhabi

    The first ADXC took place in Abu Dhabi in October 2023. Atos had four athletes competing on this card. Sarah Galvao defeated the brown belt Victoria Gabriella by submission; Luiza Monteiro defeated Tata Ribeiro by decision; Jonnatas Gracie defeated Nathan Chueng by decision; and Gustavo Batista w...

  • 2023 ADXC Abu Dhabi: 4 Athletes Representing Atos Jiu-Jitsu


    The first ADXC event takes place in Abu Dhabi on October 20! 💪🏽

    4 of our top fighters will be representing Team Atos…

    Gustavo Batista, Jonnatas Gracie, Luiza Monteira and Sarah Galvao ✨

    The ruleset for this event is quite special – fighters enter a ring (much like an MM...

  • CBJJ Brasileiro: 4 Black Belts From Atos HQ Will Be Representing in Brazil

    Four of our Black Belts from Atos HQ will compete at CBJJ Brazilian Nationals, the famous Brasileiro! As the tournament is only one month before the IBJJF Worlds, our athletes usually do not travel to Brazil to compete, but this year they decided to go before it.

    Luiza Monteiro is running to the...

  • Luiza Monteiro Got Her 9th Title at the IBJJF Pan Championship 🏆

    (Portuguese interview)

    Luiza Monteiro conquistou o nono título do Pan e, no final, homenageou Leandro Lo e pediu por justiça

  • Road to IBJJF Euros 2023: Black Belt Team | Episode 02

    IBJJF European 2023 is underway and our Black Belts are ready to shine. Here is a short interview with them. Our athletes who are not training in our HQ are profiled in a short interview with Professor Andre Galvao. Watch now!

  • IBJJF Female GP: Luiza Monteiro is back on track | Interview

    One of the most exciting female athletes, Luiza Monteiro will be part of the first IBJJF Female GP! 2x World Champion, she is ready to make history again 🔥

  • 🇧🇷Andre Galvao Podcast #15 - Campeã Mundial Luiza Monteiro

    Nesse Podcast a campeã mundial de jiu-jitsu Luiza Monteiro fala resumidamente como é a vida dela no jiu-jitsu, conta como foi o seu início no esporte e as conquistas realizadas como faixa preta. Luiza também explica como lidar com as derrotas no esporte.

    Luiza começou a treinar em 2003 - faixa p...

  • Raspagem (calça e manga) Luiza Monteiro Mar 24th 9am

    Faixa preta da Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ Luiza Monteiro ensina uma Raspagem (calça e manga), durante a aula fundamental no dia 03/24/2020.

    Luiza Monteiro recebeu a sua faixa preta do professor Rodrigo Cavaca em dezembro de 2010 e 8 anos depois ela mudou para San Diego para treinar com o professor Andre...

  • Raspagem Tripé

    Faixa Preta da Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ Luiza Monteiro ensina uma Raspagem Tripé, durante a aula fundamental no dia 03/26/2020

    Luiza Monteiro recebeu a sua faixa preta do professor Rodrigo Cavaca em dezembro de 2010 e 8 anos depois ela mudou para San Diego para treinar com o professor Andre Galvao na A...

  • Galvao Interviews Black Belt World Champ Luiza Monteiro

    Andre Galvao interviews one of Atos HQ Powerhouse Luiza Monteiro!