Competition Playlist

Competition Playlist

Browse our library of competition-related videos, including training camp and competition footage, as well as highlights of Atos HQ athletes from some of the biggest events in jiu-jitsu!


Focused primarily on sparring, our Competition Program is designed to prepare students for competition. Students will get an overview of tournament scenarios and how to handle certain situations that will arise on the competition mat. This intense program is led by multiple-time World Champion black belt Andre Galvao, and is guaranteed to help students feel confident and prepared for their upcoming competition. This program is offered to all belt levels.


All levels.


- Prepare students for tournament situations;
- Help students get into competition shape;
- Build confidence and the competitive mindset.


- Competition-focused sparring;
- Overview of tournament scenarios;
- Positional and situational training;
- Some Video Classes Has Question & Answer sessions

Competition Playlist
  • IBJJF Flograppling GP Preview: Andy Murasaki & Ronaldo Jr Representing Atos πŸ”₯

    Atos Jiu-Jitsu will be represented by two athletes in the IBJJF Flograppling Grand Prix on Friday (March 3rd).

    Andy Murasaki will compete in the lightweight GP and face Carlos Eduardo in his first match. Ronaldo Junior will face Francisco Lo in a super fight. Here's what Professor Andre Galvao ...

  • Two More Golds on Sarah Galvao's Record πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡

    Two More Gold Medals on Sarah Galvao's Record. She got the double gold Juvenile 2 Blue Belt at IBJJF Euros πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡ starting her year like the golden girl she used to be.

    Sarah had an amazing performance winning all fights via submission then closing out the absolute division with her teammate Jadeya...

  • Lilian Marchand: Double Gold at IBJJF Europeans Juvenile 2 πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡

    From Canada to the US, France, and counting ✨ 16 years old Lillian Marchand got the double gold at the 2023 IBJJF Europeans in the Juvenile 2 Blue Belt Division - as well as at the 2022 IBJJF World Champion (Juvenile 1). Lilli is from Canada and come to join us in San Diego, California to make he...

  • 🀯The Secrets Behind Rolando Samson's Finest Technique at the Austin Open Finals

    In the past weekend, Professor Rolando Samson got the gold medal at the IBJJF Austin Open winning his final match in 15 seconds with a beautiful Yoko Tomoe Nage finishing his opponent in a very technical Arm Bar. Learn this technique now full of rich details!

  • HIGHLIGHTS: 2023 IBJJF Europeans | Atos Team

    The most important influence in determining the greatness of a BJJ fighter is their instructor.

    So if you’re looking to transition into a coaching role, this huge responsibility is something you NEED to understand quickly.

    A great coach can make an athlete, and elevate them beyond what they eve...

  • Road to IBJJF Euros 2023: Black Belt Team | Episode 02

    IBJJF European 2023 is underway and our Black Belts are ready to shine. Here is a short interview with them. Our athletes who are not training in our HQ are profiled in a short interview with Professor Andre Galvao. Watch now!

  • Road to IBJJF Euros 2023: Juvenile Female Team | Episode 01

    The 2023 IBJJF European is coming! Atos is building a strong Blue Belt Juvenile Team and they are ready to shine next week in Paris, France. They are competing in all the major tournaments, training hard, and growing together. Watch now the interview with our 5 juveniles.

  • 2022 IBJJF No Gi Worlds | Highlight Friday

    A short highlight of our athletes at the 2022 IBJJF No Gi Worlds. Watch it now!

  • Master Tips for No Gi Worlds | By Andre Galvao

    Professor AndrΓ© GalvΓ£o gives 6 master tips for those competing at the 2022 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds. Take note πŸ‘€ these tips are very important and useful especially if you are competing for the first time.

  • VLOG: IBJJF Absolute GP 2022 πŸ”₯ 3-0

    Atos Jiu-Jitsu is living a great moment πŸ”₯ Last week we had 3 of our athletes competing at the IBJJF Absolute GP and 3 champions.

    Kaynan Duarte wins the Absolute GP title taking home $40k - he defeated Elder "El Monstro" Cruz, Roberto "Cyborg" and Gutemberg Pereira.
    Jonnatas Gracie wins his supe...

  • IBJJF Absolute GP: Andy Murasaki will show his experience in a heavier division

    Atos Black Belt, Andy Murasaki will test himself in a heavier division at the IBJJF Absolute GP this Friday, November 18th. He will face Mateus Rodrigues (AOJ) in a super fight in the Medium-Heavy division. Murasaki has generally competed between the Light and Middle Weight divisions. Despite bei...

  • IBJJF Absolute GP: Jonnatas Gracie is back for a superfight πŸ”₯

    After a break, Jonnatas Gracie is back! He will face Sergio "Pichilinga" Rios in a super fight at the IBJJF Absolute GP this Friday, November 18th. Gracie is very motivated to show his improvement after this short break. Watch his interview!

  • IBJJF Absolute GP: Kaynan Duarte is getting ready to put on a show πŸ”₯

    Currently 2x IBJJF World Champion and 2x ADCC Champion, Kaynan Duarte will be representing Atos Jiu-Jitsu at IBJJF Absolute Gran Prix. He is one of the 8 names invited to be part of this show that will take place this Friday, November 18th. The winner gets the grand prize of $40K 😱 We wish our Wo...

  • Sarah Galvao will make her UAEJJF World Pro debut ✨

    This Saturday, Sarah Galvao will compete for the first time in the UAEJJF World Pro in Abu Dhabi. In this interview, Professor Andre Galvao shares his journey in Abu Dhabi, as well as Professor Angelica Galvao's journey. They fought many battles on the Abu Dhabi mats and their daughter will be th...

  • Lucas Pinheiro is getting ready for his first IBJJF No-Gi European πŸ”₯

    Lucas Pinheiro is training hard for his first IBJJF European No-Gi. Atos Black Belt athlete, he has been focused on no-gi for a while and will test himself one more time next week at the 2022 IBJJF No-Gi European. Pinheiro is going through a great moment in his career. In 2022, he got the gold me...

  • Kade Ruotolo Comp Class Training Sesh

    Watch Kade's last training session before his ONE Fight Championship Lightweight bout against Sambo World Champion and decorated judoka Uali Kurzhev (Russia). A dispute over this title was the first of its kind!

    Kade is the youngest male to hold an ONE FC belt.

    Video produced by ONE FC - Chael ...

  • IBJJF Medium-Heavy GP: Ronaldo Jr is ready to put on a show | Interview

    Ronaldo Jr is one of the most entertaining athletes to watch and he is more than ready to put on a show at the IBJJF Medium-Heavy GP. Watch this short pre-fight interview!

  • IBJJF Female GP: Luiza Monteiro is back on track | Interview

    One of the most exciting female athletes, Luiza Monteiro will be part of the first IBJJF Female GP! 2x World Champion, she is ready to make history again πŸ”₯

  • ADCC 2022: Inside the Atos Locker Room πŸ‘€

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! But we are sharing some of our behind the scenes during the ADCC 2022. Watch now a few moments inside the Atos locker room.

  • ADCC 2022: Day 1 Analysis by Coach Fred Leavy

    ADCC 2022 is on fire! Saturday was officially the first day and our athletes put on a show. We have 5 athletes at the semifinals tomorrow and plus the super fight. Watch the analysis by Coach Fred Leavy.

    βœ… -60kg: Bia Basilio vs Breana Ste-Marie
    βœ… +60kg: Rafaela Guedes vs Kendall Reu...

  • ADCC 2022: Pre Fights & Brackets Reveal | Friday

    Are you excited about ADCC 2022? Because we are! Watch this short video to get a taste of what ADCC will be like. On Friday (Sep 16th) we had weight-ins, brackets reveal, face-offs, and meet and greet. Scroll down to know the Atos Team brackets reveal πŸ‘‡πŸ½

    βœ… Female -60kg: Bia BasΓ­lio vs Julia Mael...

  • Comp Class Uncovered - Episode 3 | ADCC Camp

    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ This is the last episode of our miniseries: "Comp Class Uncovered". Follow how was our training camp for ADCC 2022 directly from Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ. We see you on ADCC! πŸ”₯

    More episodes:
    Comp Class Uncovered - Episode 1 | ADCC Camp -

  • Comp Class Uncovered - Episode 2 | ADCC Camp

    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ This is the second episode of our miniseries: "Comp Class Uncovered". Follow our training camp for ADCC 2022 directly from Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ. Don't miss our high-class competitors getting ready for the most prestigious grappling event on the planet! πŸ”₯

    πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Esse Γ© o segundo episΓ³dio da nossa nov...

  • Comp Class Uncovered - Episode 1 | ADCC Camp

    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ We are pleased to announce, in partnership with "TriΓ’ngulo Filmes", our new miniseries. "Comp Class Uncovered" will present our training camp for ADCC 2022 directly from Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ. Don't miss our high-class competitors getting ready for the most prestigious grappling event on the plane...