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The Atos HQ Vlog features everything from interviews with elite athletes and HQ visitors, to highlights and sneak peeks into some of the off-air action at Atos HQ.

  • Davi Ramos Black Belt 4th Degree Promotion Under Professor Galvao

    Watch ADCC World Champion Davi Ramos getting promoted to 4th degree from professor Andre Galvao at Atos HQ.

    Davi Ramos is one of the top Jiu Jitsu lightweight competitors in the world. Born in Rio de Janeiro and taught by master Cesar Guimaraes from Top Brother and he is also part of the Atos t...

  • Atos Teens Ready For 2021 Pan Kids

    Watch our teens getting ready for Pan Kids.

  • Gustavo Batista Black Belt 1st Degree Promotion

    Watch World Champion Gustavo Batista getting promoted to black belt 1st degree from Professor Andre Galvao's hands during 615pm fundamentals at Atos HQ in San Diego CA.

    Gustavo Batista moved to California to train at Atos Jiu-Jitsu Headquarters under Andre Galvao. He is an IBJJF World Champion...

  • Kaynan Receiving His Black belt 1st Degree

    Watch The Phenom World Champion Kaynan Duarte Receiving his black belt first degree from the hands of professor Andre Galvao during 615pm fundamentals class at Atos HQ on 07/19/2021.

    Kaynan Duarte received his black belt from Andre Galvao in June 2018. He is an ADCC World Champion; an IBJFF Pan...

  • Lucas Barbosa's Belt Promotion Black Belt 2nd Degree

    Watch Black Belt World Champion Lucas Barbosa getting promoted to his second degree black belt from the hands of professor Andre Galvao during 615pm fundamentals class at Atos HQ on 07/19/2021.

    Lucas Barbosa received his black belt from Andre Fabiano in July 2015, before moving to California to ...

  • 4x World No-Gi Champ Lucas Hulk Talks About His Next Challenge at ROAD TO ADCC

    One of our Black Belt World Champions Lucas Hulk Barbosa talks about his training camp, and how he is feeling for his next challenge at "Road To ADCC" that will take place Saturday July 17th 2021 in Austin - TX.

    The Hulk will be fighting the co-main event against Andrew Tacket. Watch Live on Fl...

  • ADCC World Champion Kaynan Duarte Talks About His Next Challenge at ROAD TO ADCC

    Check out the interview with one of our ADCC Black Belts World Champion Kaynan Duarte. Kaynan will be facing Matheus Diniz (2019 ADCC World Champion -88kg) at the main event on "Road To ADCC" July 17th Saturday, Austin - TX.

    Watch Live On Flograppling!

  • World Champions Kaynan Duarte & Lucas "The Hulk" Barbosa - Road to ADCC

    In this VLOG: ADCC Champion (+99kg) Kaynan Duarte & ADCC Bronze Medalist (-88kg) & 4x IBJJF World Champion No-Gi Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa training 1,5 weeks before "Road To ADCC" event that will happen on June 17th 2021 in Texas.

    "Road to ADCC":

    Featuring a battle of the 2019 ADCC champions Kaynan...

  • Atos HQ Belt Ceremony - June 25th 2021

    Belt promotions are a very special aspect of Jiu Jitsu progress. Promotions are a fundamentals occasion for any Jiu Jitsu practitioner and bring with them a level of responsibility. Each belt rank or belt stripe has its own unique criteria to reach it, but normally consistency & discipline on and...

  • Andy Murasaki Motivational HL

    Atos HQ black belt Andy Murasaki Motivational!

    Andy Murasaki received his black belt from Andre Galvao in December 2020. He is a 2x IBJJF Pan Champion (brown and purple); a 2x European Champion (brown and purple); and a 2x IBJJF World and Pan Champion at juvenile. Andy had an incredible Black b...

  • Andre Galvao Leads The Team During Comp Class at Atos HQ

    Watch how professor Andre Galvao leads his champions during competition team class at Atos HQ.

    If you like to learn more or have any suggestion please comment below. We appreciate it!

  • UFC Champ Adesanya Talks About Training at Atos HQ Before His Last Title Defense

    Izzy mentioned the importance of training at Atos Hq in San Diego, CA under professor Andre Galvao right after his title defense against Marvin Vettori on UFC 263 on June 12th 2021. Adesanya said: "Andre Galvao gave me my purple belt, he actually rated my skills when I trained at Atos Jiu-jitsu, ...

  • One Day With Tye Ruotolo at Atos Comp Class

    Tye Ruotolo talks about the experience on training comp class at Atos HQ in San Diego CA.

    Tye Ruotolo received his brown belt from Andre Galvao in October 2020. He is a IBJJF World and European Champion in the juvenile division. He also won 4th place at the ADCC World Championship (at the age 1...

  • Angelica Galvao Interviews BJJ World Champ & UFC Contender Mackenzie Dern

    Mackenzie Dern (born March 24, 1993) is an American professional mixed martial artist and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. She is a former world No. 1 ranked IBJJF competitor, currently ranked 6th among the female divisions. She is an ADCC and no gi BJJ (black belt) World Champion.

    Instagram: @...

  • Caleb Talks About His Experience On Training At Atos HQ Kid's Program

    Caleb is multiple time Pan Kids Champion and trains at Atos HQ since 5 years old. We're proud of you Caleb.

  • "I'll destroy everybody" Watch Ronaldo Road to Gold During Pan 2020 Black Belt

    Watch Ronaldo Road to Gold During His First IBJJF Pan as Black Belt. Ronaldo had an amazing performance.

  • Atos HQ Competitors Get Ready for IBJJF No-GI Pans 2020!

    With only around 60 total athletes, the Atos competitors brought home a total of 50 medals: 15 gold medals, 14 silver medals, and 21 bronze! According to Galvao, the second place team brought nearly double the number of competitors. The adult black belt division was especially impressive.

    “We ha...

  • Galvao Squats 200kg With Top #3 World Olympic Lifter Fernando Reis & STEFI COHEN

    Watch full training session and some stories about Reis & Galvao. Galvao Squats 200 Kg (440 lbs) during his training session at Hybrid Performance Facility by Stefi Cohen in Miami, FL.

    Fernando Saraiva Reis (born March 10, 1990) is a Brazilian weightlifter. He competed at both the 2012 Summer O...

  • Andre Galvao Leads Injury Prevention Mobility Workout

    Andre Galvao's Injury Prevention - Mobility Training Session at his garage in San Diego, Ca.

    This Whole-Body Mobility Routine Helps You Long Term.
    15x Black Belt World Champion Andre Galvao leads you through this 27-minute routine.



  • UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya Comes To Train At Atos HQ

    Watch a HL from UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya Training With Atos Hq World Champions.

    Instagram: @StyleBender

  • 2020 Pan Double Gold Champ: Rafaela Guedes Black Belt Debut

    Watch Rafa Guedes Black Belt Debut during 2020 Pan in Orlando, FL. Since then, Rafa is killing it as black belt!

    Rafaela Guedes received her black belt from Andre Galvao and Angelica Galvao in January 2019. She is one of the most promising young black belts on the Atos HQ team. She is an IBJJF P...

  • Circuit Training HL - 2019 ADCC

    Watch ADCC Legend Andre Galvao Getting Ready For ADCC Super Fight Against Felipe Pena!

    Andre Galvao is one of the greatest BJJ athletes of all time, with 6 IBJJF World Championship titles, 10 IBJJF Pan American Championships, and 6 ADCC World Championship titles (4x as the ADCC Super Fight Cham...

  • Collin James Taleks About His Experience On Training At Atos HQ Kid's Program

    Collin James is part our competition kids team. He is very dedicated and loves Atos. Watch and learn more about the best jiu-jitsu kids program in the planet!

  • Andre Galvao Interviews Black belt Pan Champ Lucas Pinheiro

    Andre Galvao had a nice chat with one of Atos HQ Black Belts Pan Am Champ Lucas Pinheiro!

    Lucas Pinheiro is a 1st degree black belt student under BJJ legend André Galvão in San Diego, California. Pinheiro is also a former student of Faustino Neto (Mestre Pina) and Cícero Costha. [2] He has earne...