The Panda Guard System 🐼 | Nikki Sullivan

The Panda Guard System 🐼 | Nikki Sullivan

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In the late 2010s, Nikki Sullivan rose to fame as a Brown Belt (and later as a Black Belt) for her fearsome guard game…

Her track record speaks for itself: Nikki has won the IBJJF Masters World Championship (twice - Brown and Black Belt), the IBJJF Pan NoGi Championship, the IBJJF American Nationals and the IBJJF American NoGi Nationals.

She is known for her “Panda Guard System”, a style of guard inversion that she developed and fine-tuned during her time at Atos HQ training under Andre Galvao.

This system made her one of the most dominant female athletes at Atos HQ and one of the most technical fighters in the gym.

If you fancy yourself as an inversion expert, you NEED this masterclass.

What You’ll Learn:

🐼 Grab A Leg and Hang Tight (Bamboo optional): Learn Nikki’s sequence of entries into the Panda Guard.
🐼 Struggling with inversions? Nikki shares all her inversion tips to make it easier for ANYONE – no matter your age or body type – to feel the blood rush to their head (literally!)
🐼 Nikki’s systematic approach allows you to incorporate the Panda Guard into your existing game.
🐼 A series of devastating submissions: knee bars, calf-slicers, kimuras, toe holds… Become the most feared guard player in your gym.
🐼 Take to the skies with the Flying Panda Guard – Nikki’s masterclass ends with some techniques guaranteed to take any opponent off-guard.

Broken down into 26 bite-sized inversion masterclasses…

Learn Nikki’s championship-winning secrets in less than 2 hours!

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⚔️ An IBJJF Worlds Master Champion (at both Brown and Black Belt), Nikki Sullivan is one of the most decorated female fighters of her generation.
⚔️ After placing first in the IBJJF American Nationals, the IBJJF American NoGi Nationals, the IBJJF Pan NoGi Championship and the IBJJF Masters World Championship at Brown Belt, she was promoted to the rank of Black Belt by Andre Galvao.
⚔️ Sullivan is known for her distinct style of inverted guard playing, her trademark Panda Guard System 🐼

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The Panda Guard System 🐼 | Nikki Sullivan