Knee Cut Pressure Seminar | JT Torres

Knee Cut Pressure Seminar | JT Torres

Knee Cut Pressure Passing is one of the most effective ways to pass an opponent’s guard – So why do so many grapplers do it wrong? In this masterclass seminar…

“Knee Cut Pressure”

…multiple World Champion Jonathan “JT” Torres reveals the secrets behind his hugely successful knee cut system. In just one hour, learn the same pressure passing that he used to secure ADCC and IBJJF World Championships.

JT Torres is one of the most decorated and talented fighters to have trained with Andre Galvao and Team Atos in San Diego.

His achievements at the highest level of Jiu-Jitsu have been remarkable – JT’s accolades include winning two ADCC World titles, two Pan Championships and a World No-Gi Championship 🏆

One of the most successful systems of guard passing he uses is the Knee Cut Pressure Pass.

Noticing that students were struggling to perfect their knee cut passing, we invited JT to host a seminar at HQ. We wanted him to go deep into the nuances of his knee cut passing system.

The result was this masterclass seminar.


✅ JT dissects the principles and techniques needed to master this ferocious passing system.
✅ He reveals the secrets that ensure you always enter the Knee Cut Pass with the correct positioning.
✅ Anticipate your opponents’ defense. How to stop your opponent from setting up the tricky knee shield guard and preventing you from passing.
✅ The grips necessary to finish the knee cut pass (as well as the “hows” and “wheres” of gripping from this position).
✅ How to capitalize on your opponent’s reactions. Take advantage of the pressure you’re creating to set up submissions.

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Knee Cut Pressure Seminar | JT Torres