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Watch this video and more on Atos BJJ OnDemand

Up Next in No-Gi Takedown Fundamentals | Andre Galvao

  • Front bear hug defense

    Front Body Lock: This simple front body lock or bear hug escape is simple and effective. For this self-defense escape to be effective you need to prevent your opponent from arching your back towards a potential throw by framing against his chin and pushing him away from his body lock grip to brea...

  • Head-lock defenses

    The Headlock Defenses: The headlock defense is an important self-defense technique because many inexperienced attackers will grab your head, thinking they can hold you there, and even punch you. In this technique, reach around your partner to trap his arm and keep him from throwing punches to you...

  • Front bear hug escape (over arms)

    Front Body Lock (Over Arms): The body lock or front bear hug escape incorporates the use of separation by pushing on the hips to stay at a safe distance and the power of the underhook for the O-Goshi style hip toss to take your opponent down. Always create this separating base to prevent your opp...