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Watch The "Elsa" Skills

Watch The "Elsa" Skills

The "Elsa" Skills

Mastering Judo for Jiu-Jitsu Domination • 8m 6s

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  • Cross Grip Fireman's Carry

    Prof Galvao adapts the classic Fireman's Carry for the Gi, using a cross grip strategy.

  • Underhook Uchi Mata

    Prof Galvao demonstrates one of the most simple, most effective for BJJ - and most devasting! - takedowns in the Gi: The Uchi Mata with an Underhook for control.

  • Double Double - Double Leg Using Doub...

    Prof Galvao's "Double Double" Takedown - This is a simple, but super effective way to finish a double leg takedown in the gi.