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Watch Ouchi Gari

Watch Ouchi Gari

Up Next in Mastering Judo for Jiu-Jitsu Domination

  • Fusion of Kouchi Gari and Ouchi

    Prof Galvao demonstrates how to "fuse" the Kouchi Gari and Ouchi Gari.

    With a keen focus on footwork, balance, and timing, Prof Galvao shows how these techniques can work together in harmony to catch your opponent off guard. This is an unpredictable sequence of moves that can easily off-balanc...

  • Morote Seoi Nague Details

    In this lesson, Galvao explores the hand placement, footwork, and body positioning necessary to complete the Morote Seoi Nage.

    Galvao creates strategies for utilizing Morote Seoi Nage as both an offensive weapon and a defensive counter.

  • Drop Seoi Nage: Building Reactions Wi...

    Galvao's class begins with a detailed breakdown of the mechanics behind Drop Seoi Nage, exploring the nuances of timing, grip control, and footwork. He demonstrates how to execute this explosive throw with precision.